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E finalmente, dopo circa quattro anni che lo desidero, posso dire: l'anno prossimo sarò un exchange student... studierò all'estero, vivrò in una famiglia diversa dalla mia, parlerò, penserò e alcuni dicono addirittura che sognerò in una nuova lingua, dovrò cercare dei nuovi amici, imparare ad essere completamente indipendente, crescere, capire fino in fondo chi sono! Eppure mi sembra tutto troppo irreale, non riesco proprio a capacitarmi del fatto che tra soli 5 mesi sarò dall'altra parte del mondo a circa 8000 km di distanza da tutte le mie certezze, sola, perchè in fondo questa è un'esperienza che dovrò affrontare contando esclusivamente sulle mie forze, le mie capacità, non ci saranno sempre i miei genitori a consigliarmi, o i miei amici, ma sono Felice di esserci riuscita, ci tenevo, anzi ci tengo, tantissimo ad essere un exchange student!
Being an exchange student. 

How do you know what is a dream if you never accomplished one. How do you know what is an adventure if you never took part in one. How do you know what is anguish if you never said goodbye to your family and friends with your eyes full of tears. How do you know what is being desperate, if you never arrived in a place alone and could not understand a word of what everyone ...else was saying. How do you know what is diversity if you never lived under the same roof with people from all over the world? How do you know what is tolerance, if you never had to get used to something different even if you didn’t like it. How do you know what is autonomy, if you never had the chance to decide something by yourself? How do you know what it means to grow up, if you never stopped being a child to start a new course? How do you know what is to be helpless, if you never wanted to hug someone and had a computer screen to prevent you from doing it. How do you know what is distance, if you never, looking at a map, said “ I am so far away”. How do you know what is a language, if you never had to learn one to make friends. How do you know what is patriotism, if you never shouted “ I love my country” holding a flag in your hands. How do you know what is the true reality, if you never had the chance to see a lot of them to make one. How do you know what is an opportunity, if you never caught one. How do you know what is pride, if you never experienced it for yourself at realizing how much you have accomplished. How do you know what is to seize the day, if you never saw the time running so fast. How do you know what is a friend, if the circumstances never showed you the true ones. How do you know what is a family, if you never had one that supported you unconditionally . How do you know what are borders, if you never crossed yours , to see what there was on the other side. How do you know what is imagination, if you never thought about the moment when you would go back home. How do you know the world, if you have never been an exchange student? 
Questo bellissimo testo l'ho trovato sul blog di Martina! :D                                                                                                                                    Ora vi lascio con questa definizione di exchange student che mi piace moltissimo!
                Ciao a tutti!! :D

Exchange Student: 
Most awesome person you will ever meet.Exchange students willingly decide to get off their asses, leave their home country, and go see the world. For that reason, they should be given a helluva lot of credit.Usually, a foreign exchange student will have a funny accent and not speak your language very well. This is all the more reason to hang out with them, because everything will suddenly become that much more hilarious. Also, they are generally young people, and have the tendency to be extremely good looking.In conclusion, mad props to all exchange students out there!

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  1. mi sento famosa hahahaaha :) queste parole sono troooppo vere! Exchange students are the best, benvenuta nel club :D

  2. Wow! *__* Volevo farlo anch'io un post così, ma mi hai anticipato! :*